Primary concern of every Individual is good health.Most of the people fall sick not for the lack of food but from over dose of food.Eating nutritious food in measured quantity leads to Good Health. e.g foods that have nutritional value at the same time with less calorie.(pulses, fruits, both green and coloured vegetables etc.)

Nutritional food Items at Different Stages of Growth 

A child from  6Months- 5years. From Birth to 6 months the child should be fed only with Breast Milk. During this stage it gets immunity from illness and nutrition for growth from Mother's milk. After six months when child is fed with other food it needs Nutritional supplements to build immunity from outside. Hence the child is to be given Vitamin A together with Albendazole.Vitamin A helps immunity of the child at the same time helps the formation of bones and prevent blindness. The liver retains Vitamin A only for six months.The organization Vitamin Angels provides these two in India through Government Hospitals and through ngo's working in the field of Social Service and health.

Supply Vitamin A to Children from 6 Month- 5 years. Vitamin A helps immunity of the child and formation of bones and prevents Blindness.

​"Eat food as Medicine or else you will end up eating Medicine as food"

Health without

     Albendazole is to be administered to the child together with Vitamin A in order to prevent the worms in the stomach depriving the child of the nutrition.The child from 6Months-5years is very choosy about eating greasy and fatty food. They do not enjoy eating green leafy vegetables since vegetables do not give the taste of greasy food.

Albendazole should be given to the child to prevent worms in stomach depriving the child of the nutrition.